In the world of art, the intuitive approach to painting has gained popularity for its ability to unlock creativity and foster deep personal expression.

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Embracing the Intuitive Approach in Painting

The intuitive approach in painting can be a cathartic and therapeutic practice for all art forms. I’m a visual artist so I work with paint. In the years that I’ve been painting I’ve discovered that channeling emotions and experiences onto the canvas, can release pent-up feelings. It helps gaining insight into thoughts, and achieve a sense of emotional release and clarity. This process of self-discovery and reflection can be incredibly healing and transformative. It not only leads to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself, but it also makes for better paintings. Yeah how about that?


This painting is a 11×14″ oil on canvas board. Now I’m not a great fan of  canvas board but hey this one turned out alright. It’s fresh and I never touched it again.  It would have been overworked. As soon as you add another color or more brushstrokes to a painting it changes. And not always for the best. I know! I’ve been there.

Fast is good

I am showing this painting because it’s good example of a painting that was painted alla prima. That’s wet in wet. I painted it as a demo in one of my flower painting classes. 

When you paint fast you don’t have much time to think and that’s a good thing. Well in painting at least, because you work more with the unconscious mind. When you are in that state of mind, we call it the zone, you work intuitively. Ever seen a young child approaching painting? It’s fascinating. At least I think. They are absolutely not afraid, no fear at all. They just create AND they are having a tremendous amount of fun. I have a 2 year old granddaughter who paints up a storm with hands and feet and sings and performs whole musicals. I mean she’s obviously having fun. When we get older we forget about all those things. Do you go around the house and yard singing and dancing? I don’t, but I should.

Of course for us older than 5, it helps when we have some knowledge of technique, but it’s not necessary. With Intuitive Painting for example you can have a lot of fun. In fact when we get into the zone it feels like meditation. There are several ways to approach that. To get there sooner, or at all. I can show you how. I give you a hint. You only have to give up control. Yes, easier said than done, but you can get used to it. It’s liberating.

My journey

My experience is that a combination of technique and intuition gives the best results. Enjoying the process is really very important. Artists often forget that. They take themselves way too seriously. Talking about art and seriousness. Have you listened to art critics? Oh my! They come up with the most ludricous explanations about art and where do they find those words? Half the time I need a dictionary. Full disclosure English is not my first language. Dutch is plus 2 other languages, but I digress.

I finally started this blog. It’s about art, not serious, but art talk for everyone and all kinds of art. You will notice that the unconscious mind will come up regularly as it is so important to find that connection. To learn about self. Paint is not just to make a painting. It goes deeper than that.

Until next time my artsy friend,

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