Nourish your Soul Art Retreat

June 9-11, 2023 Weekend Retreat

A retreat for those who are interested in using the expressive arts for healing, life transformation and empowerment. 

This expressive art retreat is based on Dr. Natalie Rodgers’ book about Person-Centered Expressive Arts, as well as my own two decade long experience with painting, as well as coaching and the importance of intuition. The unconscious mind can be a loyal friend, but can also keep us from trusting our inner wisdom.

Emphasis of this retreat is on freedom of expression in various forms. You will be able to explore a variety of art forms such as poetry, making clay sculptures, mark making, meditation, movement, exploring trails in silence gathering whatever you can find in nature. Embarking on this journey with a group likeminded souls is a major part of finding inner peace.

You will find that every time you go from one art form to another you open even more, and get a deeper insight in what is important to you.

What's the story behind this retreat?

A retreat like this has been on my mind for years. I’ve been looking for the perfect location, the right people who would want to participate, and the guts to do it.

I believe it’s finally all coming together. Where I live is the perfect place for it. It’s a golf community in the middle of 20,000 acres of forest. Hiking trails are practically at my backdoor. I can literally walk from my house to the trails. 

There are 35 AirBnB’s here, as well as 4 lodges for rent. I have 2 guest rooms and can house some of you without any trouble. There are 2 pavilions walking distance where we can have some of the activities.

So … the universe helped me out big time.

What is this all going to cost?

First a bit more information of the weekend in natWe will gather Friday at 4pm for a meet and greet with a festive cocktail in hand. 

Saturday we start at 9am until probably 5pm, Sunday until 4pm.

Non alcoholic beverages and snacks will be available throughout; light and healthy lunches on both days are all included. Friday cocktails, snacks. Plans for dinner on Saturday are not finalized yet. 

All art materials are also included, so you don’t have to bring anything. 

Costs for the whole weekend: $385, Early Bird $350.

Cancellation policy:

20-45 days prior to June 9, 2023:  75% refund,
5-19 days prior to June 9, 2023: 25% refund

After June 4, 2023: no refund (no exceptions).

Upon registration I can advise about lodging. 

Location: 622 Tecumseh Trl, Hedgesville, WV 25427 (30 minutes from Hagerstown).

Frequently asked questions

Lodging in The Woods, Hedgesville, WV:

At The Woods, we offer a variety of accommodations to suit your needs, budget, and style. Choose from Meadow Cottage, Pinecrest Cottages, or Vacation Homes.

Upon Registration I can put you on a list for sharing accommodations. 

Keep in mind that The Woods is a popular place in the summer, so I would make reservations early.

Accommodations in The Woods