Intuitive Painting

What is Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive painting, also called expressive or process painting, is painting with your intuition without any preconceived ideas. Intuitive painting gives you the opportunity to explore self through the creative process.

You don’t have to be an artist for this. It’s even easier if you have never painted before as it is not a painting technique, doesn’t have to be learned, based on the belief that humans are born creative. Focus is not on the end result, but entirely on the doing without exercising control, or passing judgment. The approach is free expression so you can tune into your own unique creative process whilst releasing attachment to meaning, control, expertise or end result. It’s a mindful approach, giving yourself permission to mess up and let the brush lead and surprise you. Through the painting process the painter connects with the inner intuitive guide, so that unplanned forms and shapes can appear from the unconscious. 

What does an Intuitive Painting workshop look like?

In an intuitive painting workshop, participants paint with tempera, an inexpensive non-toxic water based paint on large scale papers pinned on the wall, on the floor or on a table. The paints are in small containers in the middle of a table. At the beginning participants have the opportunity to form an alliance, ask questions. Afterwards there is time for sharing  the experience. 

All painting materials are supplied so as not to inhibit the painting process in any way shape or form. To not be distracted by others and connect to self, painters will work in silence. We usually start with a guided awareness practice for centering and alignment purposes, which may also involve free movement. Participants are also encouraged to journal during and afterwards as writing has a grounding effect and deepens the experience.

Intuitive Painting is a deeply moving, and transformative experience awakening self awareness, creating more confidence, being more in the moment and authentic.

How do I benefit from Intuitive Painting?

Not only will you learn about colors, mixing and brushwork, but you will also get the opportunity and practice the experience of listening to your intuition, trusting, and acting upon it as well as expressing your feelings and emotions with paint. You will start to recognize that when we give ourselves permission to listen within and express our emotions – even the ones we tend to avoid – in a safe and healthy way, their energy is released and can transform as we reconnect with our center.

In this safe container you will have the opportunity to:

  • listen to and trust your own intuitive voice and act upon it
  • experience (creative) freedom
  • trust the process
  • have fun, play
  • take risks and solve problems in a meaningful way
  • explore, expand your imagination
  • gain self esteem
  • be aware of your inner critic and learn to keep it at bay
  • feel empowered, be brave as you explore the unknown
  • to give up control what you cannot control anyway
  • be adventurous
  • and much more