I listen, guide and inspire creative experiences

I combine verbal expression with visual components  

to make thought processes visible.

Inspiring Creativity

I uncover new opportunities and envision new experience.

Art Instruction

Life Purpose Coaching

Intuitive Work

Encouraging Free Expression

I strengthen connection to inner creativity and soul wisdom.

Intuitive Painting

Visual Journaling


I show you how life transforming it is.

Painting Techniques

Color Theory

Discovering Style

Related Art History

Life Purpose Coaching

Together we uncover new opportunities

Core Value Clarification

Life Purpose

Inner Wisdom

Elisabeth Vismans, CPCC

Award-Winning Artist, Certified Professional Coach, Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Art Instructor, Entrepreneur, Speaker.

Working with Me

I work with clients and students of all sorts

I’m passionate about getting the creativity out of everyone. Painting is a mind-body experience which is reflected in my holistic teaching style.

I have a new approach to art instruction and coaching

Once I discovered the joy of painting I wanted to share this feeling and developed a coaching program where paint is being used as an extra modality to get connection to the inner wisdom and innate creativity. No artistic experience necessary.

I work globally

I’m an Art Instructor in the Yellow Barn in Glen Echo and work on Zoom globally as well. 


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Elisabeth Vismans | elisabethvismans@gmail.com

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