Visual Reading


Are you at a crossroads? 
Not sure where to go 
You don't want to take the old and familiar road
You want something new and exciting
So you will have to go outside your comfort zone 
Figure out what you truly want from life 

A one hour online reading of your own image from the unconscious mind will give you a clear view of  what’s holding you back and what to do in order to step into a new and  fabulous life. Deep down you know it already, but chances are that you have never been able to articulate it. 

Know your values 
what's really important to YOU
and discover
what first step to take to live the life you so desire 
but haven't been able to get. 

In a one hour session you will get instructions on how to connect to your unconscious and make  a painting or drawing from your right brain. It’s like making a doodle. Together with Elisabeth as the interpretor and coach making suggestions and asking questions, we read the story of your image. Sometimes the image is screaming at you. Sometimes we need some poking, prodding and peeling away several layers, but there is always a story told. It’s a gentle and revealing process. The only things you need are paint, markers or just a pencil and genuine curiosity about what’s driving you. 

No need for any painting or drawing experience. 
Everybody can do it. 
In fact it's easier when you cannot even draw stick figures. 
It's not about making a pretty picture.

An image is worth a thousand words. Your own images will give you a view on what’s troubling you. Your visual language will tell you what your motivations and behavior patterns are.

Elisabeth has extensive experience in reading paintings and/or drawings made from the unconscious mind and has helped many clients to understand what’s going on and what is due for change. The strength of reading your own images from the unconscious mind is that you are revealing to yourself your own secrets and what you are struggling with. Therefore it’s much more impactful than when someone else would tell you what they see in you. You are going to the core of who you are and that really hits home. There is no judgment and all sessions are confidential.

Why keep struggling and waiting for the light to go on?
Take your destiny in your own hands 
Paint your way to a more colorful life!
It's fun and it's easy to do

Make your one hour online (Zoom) visual reading: $120