It gives me great pleasure to write this Testimonial as Elisabeth Vismans truly has a gift in Art and even just as profound is her ability to teach.  Her Expressive Painting Class focused on Intuitive painting from within in an effort to develop confidence, self-exploration and to be open. 

There was no pressure “to produce” anything at all — only to appreciate our own “work of art.”   Our class was urged to recognize our behavior patterns :  rigid or perfect — whatever,  and to think about what tendencies show up in our work or clothes.  Free expression for me was odd and difficult, but as I progressed,  I  felt more and more comfortable.  I became “bolder” and less “timid’ !!  We were encouraged to find our own painting style/voice.

 Elisabeth wanted us to “enjoy the process”  and  have an open mind, go out of our comfort zone and let go of self-judgment.  As I did just that, I was happier and more free-spirited !!  She like to say :  Be courageous !  Trust yourself !

 I so appreciated the opportunity to have found this class and our instructor, Elisabeth Vismans, who makes you feel valued for being  YOURSELF !!

Yellow Barn in Glen Echo class participant