Elisabeth, thank you again for a wonderful and enlightening class yesterday. While just “being” with the word “chaos”, that I used several times yesterday, I have had a new shift in perception regarding it.
That unfamiliar, unknown, beginning of a painting (and actually the whole process if not fully planned out) I now sense and embrace as “unstructured beauty” rather than chaos.
I needed to remove “chaos” from my being and create harmony within even if it is not “structured”. I can see and feel the beauty in the random-ness and jumble of strokes on the canvas even if they are not fully ordered and under “control”.
This opens a new awareness for me as I begin new art pieces. This shift has been percolating for about a month. Several things came together to bring it closer to the light. Yesterday’s class allowed me to bring it to the canvas with paint and my hands. I tighten up with the brush, so I am going to play (!) with other painting tools as I create.
Thanks again!
Louisville, CO