Process painting on the phone … yes! It really works. I engaged Elisabeth to do process painting on the phone. I had no previous experience and no painting experience either. Elisabeth coached me on the steps to take. Then I followed her instructions and painted a picture. I took a photo of it, emailed it to her and then called her back. We talked about what I had painted, my feelings and observations … and about what I could add to my painting. Then I painted some more, sent her pictures and called her again. The process was easy and fun! And what a great way to explore and give expression to things that don’t always have words! Process painting has opened me up to new aspects of my own creativity, as well as allowing me to explore myself and my feelings, especially regarding some major changes and challenges in my life. I am looking at them now from a new, fresh perspective that feels more spacious. I have lots of choices and I can see more of them now. Thank you Elisabeth!
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