Hi Elisabeth, just wanted to share something with you.  In my meditation this morning, I saw a group of women doing yoga at the feet of a Black Madonna (you can Google “Black Madonna” if you want to know more about these mysterious figures). Afterward, I sat down with some watercolors and in 5 minutes threw out the attached sketch. I was going to put it into my journal and was wondering how to annotate it so that it would make sense.  Immediately the words “Kundalini Rising” came to me.

Clearly my experience with you and the group yesterday had something to do with this visual — and the words that came with it — popping into my head. Thanks for giving me some much needed courage to capture what I saw/felt freely, without being bound up by the chains of self-judgement. Before yesterday I never ever would have tried to sit down after meditation and capture an image or a feeling quickly in visual form. The workshop obviously loosened something up for me!
You are doing great work in the world!