It was fascinating to participate in the intuitive painting workshop! I loved watching the group meld together through the initial group warm up. That piece of the experience was so important and a created a sense of trust between the members of the group, as well as loosening everyone up. As we transitioned to our individual work it was amazing to feel the concentration in the room zoom in, each painter launching off on a journey of sorts and trusting their hand. One shape or color led to another and the short time it took to walk back and forth to the table to fetch more paint was very intriguing. Just the act of walking away for a moment and taking eyes off the paper seemed to give a fresh start every time- and I think having the body in motion also helps keep the flow going. It was especially fun to share in the end and to see the array of pictures- all so different. I am calling my picture my “primordial soup!” I’m not sure what or why yet but enjoy looking at it and contemplating each day. I intend to continue this deeply relaxing and focusing practice and see where it leads. Meditation via paint. Thank you!