think the reason for taking this class was best expressed by a fellow student; I just wanted to be able to put paint on the paper.  Being VERY analytical, choosing what color to load on the brush, choosing the placement of the first touch, choosing which direction the brush will go, were all thought and re-thought to the point of paralysis.  While I still “hear the voices,” you taught me how to finding that happy place where I can “Feel” the paint.  That slipping and sliding of the brush and paint can make the critical analysis back down. I know that I may not have made a “traditional” work of art but I had fun making it.

As with any project worth doing, Art is a journey and I have a LONG way to go.  But I am eternally grateful to you for getting me moving on what will be an interesting and exciting adventure.  I look forward to our next class together!

Thank you!!

P.S. I’ve loved the class.  We all realized as we walked out to our cars the other night that next week is our last class – oh no!   It’s been great.