What does it involve?

Creativity * Clarity * Confidence * Choice * Change

When you’re painting out of your unconscious, figures are bound to emerge ~ Jackson Pollock


“When we take the wrong approach to a problem, which happens often, we get nowhere by continuing to think about it. But if we refrain from thinking about the problem and distract ourselves… [we] transition from a rigid, convergent perspective to an associative, divergent perspective.” 

The Age of Insight – Eric Kandel

Elisabeth offers a wide range of artistic classes, workshops, private sessions, and retreats. All of them, even the painting classes, are based around making art from intuition and creative coaching serving people on many levels from building creative confidence, to experiencing emotional release and personal growth. Participants leave the studio with an renewed sense of aliveness and a stronger sense of self. Creative work leads to more clarity as to who we are and why we do what we do.

Participants will learn and experience what it is to be in the ‘zone’ and to access it at will, to connect to their playful inner child, to let go of control and overthinking which together with quieting the inner critic, will make room for free expression. 

Giving up control is instrumental on accessing the “zone”, which with some practice participants will learn how to do so they can be more trusting instead of judging their inner creativity.

Each session is chockablock full of inspirational guidance, creativity coaching, meditation, introspection, visioning techniques, expressive writing, and visual journaling, with lots of time for making art from within without comparison.

Learning to Paint Flowers: “I’ve learned to see more, to see colors within colors, darks and lights”.
Intuitive Painting: “I’ve learned more in 3 months Intuitive Painting with Coaching than in 10 years of therapy”
Intuitive Painting: “I’ve painted my LIFE”
Intuitive Painting & Life Coaching: “I didn’t know I was still so angry”

Doctors using art as a way to cope

Unleash The Creative Genie Within

 Art is a marriage between the conscious and the unconscious ~ Jean Cocteau