Online class

Painting class online from flower still-life.

Online Painting, Coaching, Intuitive Painting with Skype

Online Painting

Online painting is super fun and easy, and especially popular now with COVID-19. We connect over Zoom and it’s just like being physically in a classroom with the difference that you can stay home, no traffic to battle, no hassle, because you can work from your own studio or wherever your easel calls at you.

Is online painting for me?

Instruction is specifically for oils and/or acrylics.

Skill level: Beginners/Intermediate.

If you want to learn how to paint, but are stretched to the limit time-wise or are not comfortable leaving your home, an online class is a great solution. In other words it’s like an art instructor making a house call.

What to expect?

Summing up in an online painting class you can expect to be part of a like-minded group so you can also learn from other students, just as when you would in a classroom. Above all you will notice how full of learning these classes are, but also appreciate your own style.

Once you’re signed up we will email you a supply list, as you will work with your own supplies. Don’t worry about the still-life as with that you’ll also get all the help you need. During the class you’ll be able to see Elisabeth paint. These hands-on classes also include instruction and lectures about all the basics such as brushwork, composition, color technique, values, how to start and finish paintings, and much more. In addition you will learn to enjoy the process and deal with negative self-talk.

Why work with Elisabeth?

Elisabeth is fun and easy to work with, a passionate instructor, an Award Winning Visual Artist, a Certified Professional Coach as well as a NLP Practitioner. She also started to paint later in life and therefore well equipped to understand how it is to start something new or getting back into painting. She has been teaching classes and workshops in painting, intuitive painting and coaching all year round since 2011. As a result she understands her students as no other.

Intuitive painting is for all skill levels and feels like meditation. It’s a cathartic process. No painting or any artistic experience required.

At the moment we have only a Visual Journaling class scheduled.

Coaching is mostly done on the phone, but for Group coaching and Intuitive Painting we use Zoom. If you are not familiar with Zoom we can assist you with downloading the program. Super easy.

Contact Elisabeth if you have any questions or like to take a lesson.