Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling
Anybody can do it


This is my 3rd entry in my journal. It is made without any planning or thought. I started with a doodle and started embellishing it letting my brush do the work. It took me 20 minutes and afterwards I felt relaxed and accomplished. It feels like meditation.

Look at the pictures below

With these I did have a plan in mind. I wanted to paint something. Can you feel the difference between the 3rd entry and the first two? It might surprise you that the 3rd was made by my brush, not by me.

Check out The Red Book by Carl Jung. He started this journal when he was dealing with his worst demons. His first entries were with words, but soon he found that words were clumsy, they couldn’t express what he really felt deep down, so he started to draw and paint. That helped him dealing with is demons in a more successful way. At first he didn’t like his images, but came to the conclusion that he should accept what came from within and slowly he worked through is problems.

I am starting a group on September 20th where we learn the basics of visual journaling. You don’t need to have any art background. Anybody can do it. I’ll guide you through the process.


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