August a month to reflect

August is a nice month to reflect. I am just back from 2 weeks in the Netherlands visiting my family and friends. We said goodbye to my 94 year old aunt. She was the last one to go to the other side of that generation. That means the I have moved up and am now on the top. Yes that puts everything in a different light so to say.

My time in the Netherlands was wonderful, visited museums, saw for the first time Vermeer’s the Girl with the Pearl Earring in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. The weather was so perfect I even spent 4 days at the beach in Noordwijk where I used to spend summer vacations with my family when I was young. All good memories.

We had a cold winter, a rainy spring and an awkward summer as I call it and now it’s August. The summer is winding down and soon the kids start school and the leaves on the trees start to turn. I feel it’s a perfect time of the year to look back.

Most of us started the year somewhat exhausted, a very busy December month with too much family time. But we celebrated the New Year with good intentions and newly set goals. This was the year for change. Positive change. But what came of all those great ideas to lose weight, to change a career, to finally follow our dream?

Well … take a moment to think about it. What is different from a year ago? Did your life change? If so a big fat congratulations. You rock! You did it! But what if you didn’t?  And don’t despair if you fall into that category. Most of us lose sight of our good intentions within a few weeks and keep thinking and doing the same thing as we always do.

The fist pitfall is commitment. If you are not fully committed change is not going to happen, because you fall back into the old and comfortable routine. So how do we define commitment. The dictionary says: “a state or quality of being dedicated to a cause”. That means that we have to be fully believe in what we set out to do. We have to do it for ourselves and not for someone else. That’s very important to being decimated to a cause. Once you are absolutely convinced that YOU are dedicated for the right reasons you can do it.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting the goal post too high and check in from time to time to see where you are. Are you still on track? Or did you stray from the path to your goal? If so don’t get upset, simply notice the distraction and find the right path again.

Reaching a goal has a lot to do with our thought process. Every action is proceeded by a thought. Sometimes it happens so fast that we don’t even notice it. Our thoughts have more influence than we think. No pun intended.

So we’ve established that in order to get a different outcome you have to think different thoughts. Right? If you strayed off way too far from your initial direction reflect on your thoughts? Have you been thinking what you are always thinking? Maybe it goes something like: “I cannot do that anyway. What was I thinking?” and before you know it you’re back into your old behavior patterns. In order to change that you have to first recognize it and once you notice it replace it my something else. That’s important. Don’t let a vacuum because you fall right back into what you’ve always been doing.

It’s August and there is still plenty of time to make a change. In fact it doesn’t have to be january 1st to start making changes. You can start any day you like.

If you like to know more about making changes, being committed and keeping track of your progress check out my website for further information on how to get more creativity in your life, opening your mind to what you really want, and living your dream. It takes some courage and guidance, but it’s not that hard.




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