The Art of Being in the Moment

Nourish Your Soul in a Pastoral Setting  

Date TBD

This retreat is for you if you wish you would be more creative. Maybe you feel stuck in general and are looking for a boost to move out of that blah mode, or maybe you feel listless, tired and out of touch.

It is NOT about making beautiful art, also NOT about coaching. It’s an artful journey to explore and get in touch with your own creativity. If you are a coach or a therapist and are looking for a more creative way to interact with your clients then this is an excellent way to get more creativity into your daily life and work. Or maybe you are a busy Mom and like to find a more creative and fun way to communicate with your kids then playing like a kid with different art forms in this retreat will definitely get you there.

This is a day designed to give you space and freedom to play, learn like a child, and be fully in the moment so you can seek alignment with your inner wisdom. Remember how courageous and non-judgmental you were when you were 3 or 4 years old? Ask your inner child for guidance. Let’s play together.

The process of being creative is a basic means of learning, from playpen to adulthood. As children, we naturally use trial and error to become acquainted with the world around us. As we become adults (and even sooner) we stop to see “errors” as opportunities or for the clarity they can bring.

Making decisions and taking chances become complicated by overthinking or trying too hard. We get overwhelmed by having too many choices often resulting in a block. We don’t know where to start anymore. It’s all too daunting. We are stuck.

Nourish Your Soul Through Creative Exploration

Within each of us is a creative spirit longing to emerge, to be known and celebrated. Yet, out of fear, shame, shyness, or just plain reluctance, most of us have put a lid on the deep well, the source of our creativity. The creative process puts us in touch with our soul, our spirit, our inner wisdom. Self-expression through the creative arts – movement, art, music, collage, and writing – is a sacred and often mystical experience, transforming pain, anger, fear, and grief into forms that nourish the soul.

This is an experiential retreat open to all who wish to go on an inner journey through a creative process, rediscover self and get unstuck. No artistic experience is required.

Themes for the day:

  • Ho’oponopono Forgiveness and healing process
  • Revitalizing your  joy in play
  • An inner journey to discover your deep longings
  • Connecting with your inner wisdom
  • Rediscovering your innate creativity
  • Using the arts for self-expression and communication
  • learning to think and solve problems creatively

Included are:

Home cooked breakfast and lunch, healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day. All prepared with health, balance, love and nourishment in mind. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions you may have. We encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle.

You will go home feeling stronger, elated and accomplished, aligned with your inner wisdom  ready to take a first step to being more whole..

All art materials are at your free disposal.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Maximum participation is set at 12 to 15.

Fee: $245

(after May 2nd, 2020 fee will be $295) – No refund after May 23rd, 2020

Literature: The Creative Connection by Natalie Rogers

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